In Cuestamoras, we are permanently committed to sustainability; we drive businesses that generate a positive impact in society and ecosystems.

We firmly believe that by employing the power of business we can–and should–contribute to building a better world, always in a sustainable and profitable way.

In Cuestamoras, we aim at being recognized by our stakeholders as a benchmark for the simultaneous creation of economic, social, ethical and environmental value.

This involves:

  • Developing the ability to identify business opportunities to solve social, economic, and environmental challenges faced by the societies in which we operate and, thus, creating business models and innovative value proposals for the creation of wellbeing in societies and the regeneration of ecosystems.

  • Measuring business success in its four dimensions: economic, ethical, social, and environmental.

  • Providing accountability to our stakeholders on our impact on society and nature.

  • Incorporating social, ethical, and environmental impact indicators in business operations, which will be aligned with the specific characteristics of each business/project; in that sense, the highest existing standards will be employed or adapted.

  • Incorporating ethical, social, and environmental results in top executives’ individual performance evaluations.